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Television Appearances

For over 16 years (2001-present),  I have made appearances on all of the major television networks.  Below are my most recent television appearances.   I am available to appear on media shows as an expert, just call my office at 912.233.4294 or send me an email at michelle@coastaltherapist.com.     
To Subscribe or watch view all of my television appearances visit my YouTube page:  http://www.youtube.com/coastaltherapist 
ptsd 2016
Michelle Aycock, a licensed psychotherapist, discusses how the Boston Bombing effected individuals and how to talk to your loved ones about the violence. (June 2013) ABC affiliate WSAV reports. 

Michelle Aycock a licensed psychotherapist discusses "Sexting" a problem on the rise in our society. CBS affiliate - WTOC reports. (February 2013)

Facebook Depression is discussed. Michelle Aycock - Licensed Psychotherapist discusses how social media such as Facebook and Twitter may cause depression in teenagers and adults. Aired on NBC affiliate - WSAV (February 2012)