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-Relationship Conflict
-Communication Problems
-Intimacy/Sexual Problems
-Sexual/Internet Addiction
-Feeling Unhappy in Your Relationship/Marriage
-Parenting Issues
-Who are in need of Pre-marital Counseling
**Have you & your partner discussed divorce or are you currently going through a divorce?  Are you and your partner currently separated or thinking about separation?

Standard Couples Therapy may work for you, however there is a quicker and faster way to get your marriage back on track and that is through my "Advanced Couples Therapy".  
I can help you get your relationship back on track FAST with Advanced Couples Therapy. 

**For more information click on the picture below. You will be taken to another page on my website where you can read more about what Advanced Couples Therapy has to offer that standard couples therapy does not.  You can also fill out a form to schedule an advanced couples therapy appointment or if you have additional questions. 

Marriage Therapy is an Investment in Your Relationship

Marriage therapy is a valuable opportunity for couples to build a healthier and happier relationship. It certainly can be a worthwhile investment by providing couples with the communication skills and strategies they need to work through conflict and manage their relationship in a healthy way.  Most individuals did not learn healthy communication skills. However, these skills can be learned.  Therapy can help couples improve communication, resolve a crisis, and feel a connection again.  Learning the tools needed to resolve problems, understand each other's differences and develop emotional trust is the goal for couples to be able to have a happy and healthy relationship. 

*Most couples problems can be successfully addressed in a short period of time  (5-10 sessions).  However, the amount of sessions needed depends on a number of factors within the couples dynamic, all of which will be discussed in your initial couples evaluation. 

What You Can Expect From Couples Therapy
In our initial couples session, I will ask many questions to gather information regarding the problems in your marriage/relationship, so that I may provide an accurate assessment of your relationship situation.  I am looking for symptoms, similiar to what a physical/medical doctor would do to find out where the infection is, and what is causing it.  In gathering this information I am then able to begin a treatment for your relationship.  Being honest about the problems in your relationship is so important.  I have been working with couples for over 23 years.  I can assure you that I have heard it all, and nothing that couples say or do surprises me!  No matter what the issues are we must talk about them.  Within a relationship, it is not one person’s fault that there are problems.  A relationship requires two, so I can assure you that both of you, at one time or another, contributed to the problems within the relationship. Once the problems have been identified, we will then develop a "relationship treatment plan" based on what you both want to improve in the relationship.  We will then work together to reach those goals.  It is important that both individuals are committed to this process and open to thinking and doing things differently.


**There are 3 therapy stages - Beginning, Working and Maintenance.  Couples who reach the "maintenance" stage experience the best results and report the most satisfaction with their relationship.

ABC network television show live segment "Call 22" where I discuss marital/relationship problems and how couples can learn manage it.  I answer questions from callers "live" on the air about how to manage MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIPS (2002) 

*To see more of my television appearances, visit my YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/coastaltherapist