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Books and Resources

Marriage Resources:

  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationships Expert. By John Gottman and Nan Silver (2000)


  • Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage: America's Love Lab Experts Share Their Strategies for Strengthening Your Relationship. By John Gottman and Julie Gottman
  • What Makes Love Last? How to Build Trust and Avoid BetrayalBy John Gottman and Nan Silver (2012)


Infidelity Resources:
  • Not "Just Friends": Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity.  By Shirley Glass (2004)


  • Getting Past the Affair: A Program to Help You Cope, Heal and Move OnBy Baucom and Gordon Synder (2007)

  • When Good People Have Affairs.  By Mira Kirshenbaum

  • I Love You, But I Don't Trust You:  How to Bring Trust Back to Your Relationship.  By Mira Kirshenbaum


Low Intimacy in Relationships:
  • Love in the Present Tense: How to Have a High Intimacy, Low Maintenance Marriage.  By Morrie & Arleah Schechtman


  • Rekindling Desire: A Step by Step Program to Help Low Sex and No Sex Marriage.  By Barry and Emily McCarthy (2003)


Relationship/Marriage Break-up:
  • Getting Past Your Breakup. By Susan Elliott


  • How to Heal a Broken Heart in 30 Days: A Day-by-Day Guide to Saying Good-bye and Getting On With Your Life. By Howard Bronson and Mike Riley


  • Codependent No More. By Melody Beattie


  • The Language of Letting Go. By Melody Beattie

Managing Your Emotions & Begin to Love Yourself:

  • ** The Four Agreements. By Don Miguel Ruiz


  • ** The Fifth Agreement. By Don Miguel Ruiz and Jose Ruiz

  • **Everything Happens For a Reason:  Finding the True Meaning of  Events in Our Lives.  By Mira Kirshenbaum 

Anger Management:

  • Getting Anger Under Control: Overcoming Unresolved Resentment, Overwhelming Emotions, and the Lies Behind Anger.  By Neil Anderson & Rich Miller


  • For Men: Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men: How to Free Yourself from the Grip of Anger and Get More Out of Life.  By Thomas J. Harbin


  • For Women: Healing Rage: Women Making Inner Peace Possible. By Ruth King


  • Living a Life of Awareness: Daily Meditations on the Toltec Path.  By Don Miguel Ruiz Jr


  • The Circle of Fire: Inspiration and Guided Meditations for Living in Love and Happiness. By Don Miguel Ruiz & Janet Mills


  • Prayers: A Communion with Our Creator. By Don Miguel Ruiz


  • Healing Your Emotional Self: A Powerful Program to Help You Raise Your Self-Esteem, Quiet Your Inner Critic, and Overcome Your Shame.  By Beverly Engel

Learn to be Patience:

  • The Power of Patience: How to Slow the Rush and Enjoy More Happiness, Success, and Peace of Mind Every Day.  By M.J. Ryan

** These books are my favorites.